Mark your calendar to enter or attend the U.S. Boxer Association Working IPO Championship on September 20, 2014 in Killingly, CT.  NEBK is proud to host this event at their field.  So dust off those tracking boots, polish the collars, clean the dog leashes, and prepare to enter your boxer in this event. We look forward to having multiple teams (handler and boxer) in this all day event. Karl Klingenbrunner of Austria will be the judge. For more information please contact our club via email.  

T-shirts for this event are completed and ready to be ordered.

Link to view and order T-shirts

**Dinner with Judge Karl Klingenbrunner is September 20, 2014 in the early evening at a local restaurant. Must make your SEATING reservation by September 1, 2014. Contact Pam Ahnberg. Individuals will be responsible for paying his/her dinner bill.**

What's IPO?

IPO is a three phase working dog sport. There are three levels - IPO 1, IPO 2, and IPO 3. As the levels progress from 1 to 3, the phases become more difficult for the team. Each level has three phases that the team (handler and dog) must pass. Here's a brief description of each phase:

  • Tracking - the dog must find and follow an aged track and locate articles for the handler. 
  • Obedience - the dog must off leash complete various obedience exercises such as heeling, jumping, climbing an A frame, down with distraction, out of motion exercises (sit, down, stay), recall, and the send away.
  • Protection - the dog must be obedient to the handler throughout the entire phase.  The dog must protect the handler from a decoy after searching for the decoy.  The dog protects the handler by guarding, stopping the escape by the decoy, and countering a decoy coming towards the handler.

NOTE: Please refer to USA Boxer Association rules/regulations and the FCI rules/regulations for IPO

IPO teams take precedence at this event so enter early as their are limited slots allowable per the rules.

The highest IPO level is IPO 3.  The USA Boxer Association IPO Champion will only be chosen from teams that have successfully passed all three IPO 3 phases at this event.  The highest scoring IPO 3 team will be named the champion.

What teams can enter?

  • USA Boxer Association current member teams (handler and boxer)
  • Entry deadline is September 1, 2014. Mail must be postmarked no later than September 1, 2014.

What level can team enter to compete in?

  • current level obtained or next level  (for example, obtained IPO 1 so can enter either IPO 1 or IPO 2 level.  Championship entry form.

What other titles or certificates will be offered? 

  • BH with or without written exam
  • FH 1 and FH 2
  • IPO VO
  • OB 1-3
  • TR 1-3
  • PR 1-3

What is the Championship tracking conditions going to be?

Tracking will be located on a private local hay farm of 200 acres.  These fields are not used by NEBK except for trials.  NEBK will know better the specific condition of the length of the grass closer to the trial date.  NEBK will provide update after close of entries (september 1, 2014).

Who are the Championship decoys chosen?

Scott Carlson - IPO 3 level

Ken Murphy - IPO 3 level

Herb Cswertek - IPO 2 and IPO 1 levels

What is the schedule of the IPO Championship?

Upon close of entries (september 1, 2014), NEBK will post the schedule of the championship.  Tracking check-in will begin on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 6:00am for competing teams.  Draw Night will be Friday, September 19, 2014 at the NEBK field for competing teams with estimated time 6:30pm.  Definitive time will be updated after close of entries.

Is there a club level IPO trial I could enter rather than the championship?

NEBK will be hosting a club level trial the following day of the championship on Sunday, September 21, 2014.  All breeds are welcome to enter as long as the dog and handler is a member of an AWDF affiliated organization or an FCI recognized organization for IPO. Just contact us at NEBK to check to see if there is a slot left for your team (handler and dog).

Trial Location will be at the NEBK field. NEBK club trial entry form.

Are there opportunities to help defray the costs associated with hosting this event?

Yes. There are trophy sponsorships and event sponsorship opportunities.  Any donation towards the cost of this event is appreciated by NEBK and the USA Boxer Association members.  Without your support, these national events would not be able to occur.  Thank you for supporting dogsport events for our boxers.