New England Boxer Klub (NEBK) is a dog club that promotes the form and function of the German boxer breed. We are affiliated with the United States Boxer Association which is a full member of ATIBOX and American Working Dog Federation.



M. Chase and T. Alderman

M. Chase and T. Alderman

The Boxer Crew (members)

NEBK club members have over 20 years of experience in training, showing, and breeding  boxers and other varieties of breeds worldwide.

We gladly invite individuals who would like to work with their dog towards a working title. 

Our members include... 

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The Boxer Form (conformation)

Jack Sparrow the Fifth Element Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Jack Sparrow the Fifth Element Photo Credit: ms.akr

Conformation: A show where your dog is critiqued or evaluated using the FCI boxer standard.

NEBK is active with training dogs for the sport of Schutzhund, ztp (breed survey), korung and conformation shows.

Our conformation shows adhere to the Boxer Klub e.v. in Munich boxer standard. 

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The Boxer Function (work)

Bumbles at work

Bumbles at work

 Schutzhund: A rigorous dog  sport that was developed in Germany to test a dog's strong desire to work and bond to the handler.

The dogs are evaluated on: strength, perseverance, agility, courage, intelligence, endurance, trainability, scenting ability, and protective instinct.

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