Inge Gerwin & Vegas

The U.S. Boxer Association had the honor of having Kormeisterin Inge Gerwin to be the judge for the sieger show in October 2013.  Since 1969 Inge has had boxers in her life.  Her first boxer was a brindle male who was intended to be a pet and family member.  Fortunately, he developed so well that Inge started showing him and working with him. He was a very successful stud dog and working dog that he became "Klubsieger" of the German Boxer-Klub and International Champion. His son was successful like his father.  In 1975 Inge began breeding with daughters of her boxers. "Von Phoenix" is her kennel name.  Inge has bred 22 litters and many of the boxers were awarded championship titles, working titles and Korungs. In 1987, Inge became a specialist judge for boxers and in 1990, she became a "kormeister" which means "judge for mental and breeding tests".  Inge has judged in nearly all European countries and Australia. Inge has judged over 200 shows (including championship shows) totaling more than 10000 boxers judged.  Inge has been and continues to be an active member of the German Boxer-Klub with various functions to support the club.