Come support your host club for the IPO Working Championship Event on September 20, 2014...

So we are hosting the IPO Working Championship for the U.S. Boxer Association this year just as other clubs have supported our national organization to showcase the working abilities of our boxers.  And host clubs fulfill this responsibility with the help of friends, family, local and national companies, and of course, our USA-Box members and clubs.  So here are some ways to support this performance event.  First, attend the event either as a spectator or participant. Second, be a sponsor of the championship by choosing to sponsor the event, a trophy and/or sending raffle items.

Gold Sponsorship - $100 donation includes a half page in the event catalog.(black & white ad)

Silver Sponsorship - $50 donation includes a quarter page in the event catalog. (black & white ad)

Bronze Sponsorship - $25 donation includes a business card ad in the show catalog. (black & white ad)

As a way of appreciation for your donations toward trophy sponsorship, event sponsorship, and/or raffle items, NEBK will list the individuals or organizations on the NEBK website for 4 months from the day of the show. Donation $50 or more will be hotlinked to the sponsoring company website as applicable. The list of sponsors will also be included in the catalog. And a list of the IPO working championship sponsors will be listed in a later edition of the national newsletter, Boxer Briefs (quarterly newsletter).  Lastly, there will be an area that will have informational material from the various sponsoring companies at the event (as provided by the sponsor).

A $150.00 trophy donation for the following: (or 2 sponsors at $75.00 each)

  • IPO Working Champion (crystal award)

A $60.00 trophy donation for the following: (or 2 sponsors at $30.00 each)

  • High in Trial
  • High IPO 2
  • High IPO 1
  • High Tracking
  • High Obedience
  • High Protection

*If you would like to donate an item(s) for the raffle or awards, please contact Tracy Mulrenan by email. 

 *If you would like to sponsor a specific trophy and/or event, please contact Tanya Alderman, NEBK secretary/treasurer by email.

Donations and/or raffle item(s) may be mailed to the following address (or may have someone bring the raffle item to the event): 


C/O: Tanya Alderman

P.O. Box 265

Ballouville, CT 06233-0265