Got Rated?… 37 boxers did...

At the United States Boxer Association Sieger Show in Eastern Connecticut….44 boxers entered and 37 boxers received a confirmation rating from Inge Gerwin.

Boxer owners and handlers came to the "last green valley" of eastern Connecticut to showcase their boxers in the conformation show and/or enter their eligible boxers for the breed suitability test of ZTP and Korung judged by Kormeisterin Inge Gerwin of the BK of Germany.  These boxers traveled from a great distance such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. And we can't forgot are closer neighbors from Maine, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  The Sieger Show was a success because of our exhibitors, the spectators and event/trophy sponsors! Judge Inge Gerwin gave a verbal critique for the exhibited boxers and a written critique with a confirmation rating ranging from good (G), very good (SG), and excellent (V).

ZTP and Korung: The breed survey resulted in 6 boxers earning their ztp.

ZTP article 


A.D. (endurance test): 2 boxers earned their A.D. certificate which entails a handler riding a bike with their boxer for 12 miles.  After the 12 miles, the handler and boxer must complete a basic obedience phase.